Chris Hughes, PPL & Motive for Murder of Travis Alexander

Chris Hughes

PPL and Franklin Covey


The Chris Hughes, Company of PPL is associated with Franklin Covey.

Both are Utah-based exactly the same thing.

Part of the same group of!

They pick a particular type of individual, playing matchmaker so that they get,

“The Right People”, together who will represent the organization the way the

“Powers behind these companies and others”. Who wants and can ensure that this specific style is adhered to as the, “Mormon Model Family”.

With 3-4 children, perfect wife who does as she is told, but also be able to go through their Survivalist Camp’s, that are located in the Utah Bush, the mountains and desert, for the specific purpose of training in a paramilitary mode.

Mormon Woman wearing Army fatigues, laying down in the dirt. Peering through a scope attached to it automatic machine gun of military grade.

Their children are trained from an early age such as age two. This group bring even their babes in arms to their training camp’s.

The Mormon church during it’s very early days of Joseph Smith, had formed a “Mormon militia movement that started the Mormon wars in Missouri, USA.

This led to the death of hundreds of people, their families torn apart by murder, all because the Mormons wanted that specific land.

As a result of what happened back then, Missouri passed a law that it was not illegal to kill a Mormon.

My question is this?

Why are the Mormons training their people again like a modern-day militia?

Perhaps even akin to what Terrorist Group.

Teaching women and children!

This is what Travis Alexander had gotten himself mixed up the and as a direct result to Chris Hughes introducing him to the subculture and secret dealings within the Mormon community. With the financial backing of these peculiar companies that sprung up out of nowhere.

Allegedly created by men whose educational levels are at the highest a B.A.

( usually from BYU or Ricks College ).

The interesting thing is that there are specific geographical designated target areas these groups are focusing on globally.

  • China
  • the Middle East
  • the United emirate states
  • the near East
  • the Far East
  • Europe – France – Belgian – Monaco -London, England
  • the Americans – Mexico – Guatemala – Nicaragua -Chile

– Ecuador – San Salvador -Columbia -Peru

They use the excuse that they are there for humanitarian reasons.

If this is the case:

  • Why are they not registered under the UN?
  • Why are they not registered as Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, the Mormons?
  • Why are they not registered with any legitimate humanitarian global agency?

Another question?

  • Where do they get all that money to pay for their constant globetrotting?
  • Who is paying and supplying them with the weaponry and teaching them how to use these weapons?
  • What type of weaponry arsenal do they have access to?
  • Automatic military grade machine guns
  • projectiles
  • knives (of varying types and degrees)
  • explosive devices
  • What are they being taught?
  • Who is teaching them this type of militancy?
  • To what degree of militancy level are they being trained to operate at?

Did you know that there holds, furniture and vehicles are financially provided for by the resources of the company’s?

  • The constant traveling, zipping around the globe.
  • Usually traveling with their wives and times All children in tow as well.

What percentage of their income is being falsely used as company expenses?

How much is the Mormon church financially gaining from these enterprises that these members of the Mormon church are engaging in?

Every member of the Mormon church must pay 10% of their income to the church for tithing. Monitoring of each individual members tithing contribution is looked at quarterly for the final annual tithing audit.

Yes, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a compulsory annual tithing audit / settlement for each and every member that has an income.

( Age irrelevant )

  • What is really going on with Chris Hughes, PPL and Franklin Covey?
  • What other companies are part of this peculiar global financial enterprise, under the guise of humanitarian reasons?

I want to know and I’m sure that you want to know was well.

These people are living high on the hog, dodging the IRS and other income tax services of other countries we’re working in. While law-abiding citizens of those countries are paying their taxes. These companies have been operating quite successfully under the radar for too many years.

It wasn’t until one of their own, Travis Alexander did something that made them very, very, angry and considered him to be a threat to their cushy lifestyle that they had worked so hard at underhandedly achieving.

Tell us….. Chris Hughes and all of you in the upper echelon of PPL, Franklin Covey and the other companies associated with you….. What did Travis Alexander due to cause you to feel the need to justify up ducting you, torturing him heinously and then murdering him?

And then finally, offering the sacrificial lamb in your place, Jodi areas.

Can you as temple endowed members of the Mormon church, enter into the sacred Temple, partake of sacred Temple work for the dead and go through the washings, the endowments, the ceilings, and lastly stand at the Veil and commit your-self to the sacred and secret signs, symbols and sayings?

Which you all know of that very heavy price to pay for breaking those covenants with God, as you involved in the downfall and murder of Travis Alexander.

Think of this next time you go to the Temple and stand at the veil.

Think of what is awaiting you when you truly, are standing at the veil when you pass from this life into the next. Remember the punishments that are awaiting you, which you have been taught of in the Temple.

For you have blasphemied the name of God! Through your actions you have brought current day punishments upon your family due to what you have done and the defilements to your priesthood.

When you step through the veil in the next life, you will have to face

Travis Alexander and stand at the judgment bar, for they heinous crime of murder and the deliberate framing of Jodi areas.

“He who has ears let him hear. He who has eyes let him see,

he who has a tongue let him speak”.

© Miss Pajama Girl 2014


  1. Great BLOG ! I have the same feelings about this. A set up from the get go. An
    they are sitting back reaping in the rewards an Baring False Witness without a blink of the eye.

  2. The biggest part of the puzzle may have just entered the room! Thank you, Miss P, for your courage, conviction, and expertise! If anyone thinks a little hacking is going to stop this very real and very determined force for truth and justice for all that is growing moreso every day, every hour, they are sadly mistaken. ONWARD!

    1. I appreciate your support, it means a great deal to me. There is strength in numbers. It is not always dependant upon who has the greater number, but the unity from within, the power of truth and integrity. The WILL is strong and Fate – God IS on our side.
      A quote from a LDS HYMN, “Do what is right, let the consequence follow. Battle for freedom in spirit and might”.

    1. Yes.
      “He who has a tongue let him speak”.
      I did excercise that myself. The rest of the scripture should be quoted, to call upon the power of God…NO?
      “Let He who has eyes, let him see”.
      “Let He who has ears, let him hear”.
      “Let He who has a tongue, let him speak”.
      For this is His will and the Truth shall be known. There will be a ceasing in the ignorance which has fallen upon the minds of men and their eyes shall be opened to the truths laid before them.

      Miss Pajama Girl

  3. Well, I think I finally get it. What a mess Travis and Jodi were in. The more I read the scary it all gets. Poor Jodi. I pray you and your friends will be able to help her. It appears that the Devil has a strong hold on all that is going on. You are in my prayers. Thank you for all you are doing.

  4. Miss Pajama Girl, I totally agree with everything you present here! I have believed, from the very first day I heard about this tragedy, exactly as you do! I am so thankful for all you are doing to help uncover the truth in this terrible crime and to get justice for Jodi, which will follow!

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