CLUE #1 Murder of Travis Alexander

CLUE #1 Murder of Travis Alexander

Why is it that the Office of the Medical Examiner, in Maricopa County, Arizona…delay performing the autopsy on Travis Alexander for a week? Instead, they placed Travis Alexander in a medical refrigerated storage unit.

Why? You should be asking yourselves this very question.


* Compare pictures taken of the deceased Travis Alexander by Police after the reporting of
the discovery of his body.

- pay attention to the colour of his skin – pinkish.
- pay attention to the texture of his skin.
- pay close attention to the rate of decomposition of skin and muscle tissue – very little.

* Compare pictures taken of Travis Alexander at the Office of the Medical Examiner,
County of Maricopa, Arizona.

- notice the colour of his skin – grey.
- notice the texture of his skin.
- notice the very apparent advanced rate of decomposition, typically seen when a dead
body is stored in a medical refrigerated unit, for more than 5 days.

Ask yourselves WHY?

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I have created a team of experts and have individuals with sub-area specialties to examine ALL area’s of the
Murder of Travis Alexander.
The Total and complete exoneration through solid fact based evidence proving that Jodi Arias had no involvement in the kidnapping, torture and murder of Travis Alexander.
Through the investigation, examination of ALL facts, persons and leads. The murder of Travis Alexander shall be solved.
Bringing to Justice the real Murderers of Travis Alexander.



In Life we have countless experiences, encounter a multitude of situations and all types of people.

We are All a part of humanity.

Each individual person has their own personal ideas and their interpretation of those ideas.
We are the sum of our life’s experiences.

As Jesus said, to fully understand what it is like to be another person, we must walk a mile in their sandals.

We all know this to be impossible and that is the major part of the message given. We might try to understand what another person experiences, however try as we will it cannot be done.

The world has always had its degrees of violence, jealousy, cruelty and pettiness.
With that being said; we live in a time of our world where humanity is connected to each other spanning across the globe with the ease made possible by Multimedia in the Internet.
Should it not be that since in the past, we as humans suffered from ignorance and understanding of other cultures, people’s, religions, lifestyles and education about sickness, disease and suffering. That we should be able to gain insight and a better understanding of each other.

Logically one would assume that with the global community connected so easily that the walls of prejudice, stereotyping and a lack of knowledge on issues that affect humanity and with this, one would assume that humanity would become more learned, understanding and compassionate to each other, when the claim of not knowing what was going on cannot be used because that ignorance no longer exists.

However, there is a new type of ignorance, one of purposeful intent.
The rate of aggressive behaviour towards a total and complete stranger simply because they do not share your opinion is increasing at an alarming rate. What motivates individuals to attack those whom they disagree with? This is not simplly a respectful discussion of people debating issues civilly. These behaviours are full of malice, cruelty mixed with a sadidistic leaning towards the obsessive.

To purposely attack a person or group simply because theirs do not coincide with yours is unacceptable!

If society does not proactively work towards the abolishment of such abusive thinking and behaviour, society will find itself pulled apart from within, degraded to the point of a tribal like warfare connected with countless cell groups who’ve unified under the guise of self appointed vigilantism, feeling justified to ratify not only the thinking of those who hold viewpoints counter to theirs, but also the organised destruction of the lives those people live. This may or may not include the ultimate radical ending of physical death, but it does enter into the realm of destroying the lives those people lead, alienating them from the social system itself.

Society is currently in a very pivotal point in its social evolution. We are seeing first hand the example that Emile Durkheim gave of, “Survival of the Fittest”. Now he was referring to the animal kingdoms, not the “human animal”. Several groups are defining themselves.

1. Aggressive Modivators
2. Aggressive Enforcers
3. Aggressive Maintainers

4. Passive Motivators
5. Passive Maintainers

Group (B) has no enforcers because they do not approach their debating of their views with aggression.

6. Aggressive Retaliators – members of Group (A)
7. Overly Aggressive Retaliators. – members of Group (B)

In Group (C), #6 & 7 are end result of this pattern.

#6 is acting out because they have not gained the control over others they had intended and so they retaliate in frustration, resorting to intimidation techniques, subterfuge and anything they can use that will accomplish their goals of either swaying the thinking of those who think contrary to them or destroying their spirit, break their morale until they simply fade away into the background, not to be heard or seen of again.

#7 is retaliating out of sheer desperation and frustration, having been pushed to their limit of just how much they could take, until they could take no more and move into the range of violence and unpredictable disorganised behaviour. The aggressors, Group (A), who have worked so hard at degragrading, humiliating, and alienating a person or group of people, now have to face open revolution. Group (B) Coming swiftly, violently and without mercy. Why would mercy be given when their aggressors not once showed any to them.

Historic examples relating to this are:

- The rising up of the people of India during the Victorian Era and the slaughter of every
man, woman and child.
- Slave Insurrections during the French Revolution. (Islands)
- French Revolution.
- Russian Revolution.
- American Civil War
- Lybia’s revolution & the overthrowing of Muammar Gaddafi.
- Egypt’s ongoing revolution.
- Syria’s ongoing revolution.

Smaller examples:

- Columbine, Colorado shooting.
- Aurora, Colorado shooting in a movie theatre.
- Blackville, South Caroline
- Craighead County, Arkansas
- Santee, California

These are but a few examples.

In closing I leave you with this. There is no excuse for bullying, using acts of intimidation against a person or group. Humanity should be using the gift of technology to reach out to other people’s across the globe and learn about other ways of life, respect the opinions of others. Have we not seen the mistakes made in the past by great and powerful nations, come into a new land / territory and force their religion and views upon people simply because they had the power to intimidate and make threats of what they would do if the peoples did not acquiesce and back up those threats with actions.

Will or can humanity ever change? Or do they simply enjoy the power of degrading another to simply esteem themselves with an illogical sense of greater self-worth than those they do not agree with?

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Due to the high volume of questions by Jodi Arias supporters, that have been sent my way regarding this case.

I am considering creating a discussion forum for, Jodi Arias Supporters, who can gather together, review the Forensic Analysis provided by myself, Miss Pajama Girl & Associates.

The discussion forum would have the following set up.
- Main moderators
- Prior approval to join the discussion forum. (We all know how many haters of Jodi there are).
- Different topics for discussion.
- Suggestions for topics welcomed.
- Sub-Area Moderators to be present & active in discussions.
* These positions are open for volunteering, upon my own personal approval.

Special Guest Appearances by my Associates on specific discussions

Please let me know if this interests you.

Miss Pajama Girl

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PART – 4 Secondary Forensic Review by Additional Forensic Experts

Secondary Forensic Report

Travis Alexander

Never in my career have I seen such gross misconduct of evidentiary procedure by the County of Maricopa, Arizona,  the investigating police and office of the medical examiner.

Upon investigating this case and the questionable evidence submiitted by the authorities above I shall outline the most obvious inconsistencies.

This Follow up review has been prompted by the additional consultation with two other Forensic specialists.

Reference to previously used photos in my prior reports Part 2 and 3.



* Evidence on pictures that has been photos taken by the M.E

- look at the colour change between the bodies.
- picture #13 the colour of  the body is closer to the colour of  a body that had been only dead for no more than 24 hours vs. the picture #21.

Other Inconsistencies:

* Suffocation torture and revival after torture.

* Lack of swollen tongue and eyes.

- proof of age of decomposition max 24 hours.

* Illogical blood splatter pattern.

- deposited deliberately
- blood should be everywhere, including ceiling in front of bathroom sink.

* A .25 caliber gun can only penetrate the cranium when placed behind the ear, angled upward towards brain. This is where the cranial bone is thinnest.

- any other area of the cranium the bullet would not penetrate.

* The breaking of the neck was ritualistic.

- the neck was broken before the throat was slit to minimize blood splatter at their own scene where the kidnapping and ritualistic torture and murder occurred.
- blood was collected post-mortem. Easier for the re-depositing of blood at the staged crime scene.

* Slitting of the throat ritualistic.
- cut by a right handed person from in front of victim.

Jewish Ritual of Sacrifice

Kosher Law: Animal’s throat slit, placed in an environment where no bugs can infest, Hung upside down for drainage & collection.


Not a single bug or bug larvae is reported by the police, forensics team and M.E This is completely illogical for a corpse to have been sitting in his domicile, presence of a dog indoors who goes in and out to the bathroom and humans moving in and out of building.

- Travis Alexander was not killed in his home.
-  His body would have after his murder, to be placed in an airtight container for transport to his home for the staging of the crime.


Every police officer, forensics team member and medical examiners can easily see how this specific case has Never followed the correct PROCEDURE for a crime.

It was as though everyone was acting as like they were doing their jobs. However when examined, it is clear through their prior case records that neither police, forensics team or medical examiner’s office performed their duties as they normally had on any other prior cases and cases thereafter.

Why did the Office of the Medical Examiner not do the following?

- 90% of photos are not taken at the office of the M.E, but at the scene.
- All angles should be represented of the corpse. They were not.
- Where is the video of the crime scene?
- Where is the video of the various autopsy steps? Is there one?
- Many photos are not in focus and poor lighting.
- A fill in of half of the sharp force object cuts with mortician’s putty?
Look at pictures #22, 23, 24 and 25.

Right Hand of Travis Alexander

* Pictures taken at different stages of decomposition.

- M.E states on page 4 that only the left hand has received what appear to be defensive wounds from a sharp force object.
- Normally defensive wounds are sustained bilaterally, (on both sides).

Why are half of the photos submitted by the state in different stages of decomposition of the victim?

Was this an attempt to exaggerate the decomposition and overwhelm a jury with graphic photo’s, having them overlook the different shades and texture of the victim because the M.E has stored the body and taken photo’s at different latter periods of decomposition, while the body is stored in a refrigerated storage unit at the M,E office?

Did the M.E deliberately allow the corpse of Travis Alexander to be aged under controlled conditions so that the pictures taken by them would match the story the State of Arizona has created and to use in their prosecution of the crime?

The right hand shows no evidence of any defensive wounds. This is completely contrary to what happens to victims who are attacked by an assailant with a sharp force object.

- Both the right and left hands, wrists and arms should be cut with defensive wounds, yet they are not.

Bathroom – Blood Splatter Pattern

I have never seen such a “Lack of blood splatter”, at a crime scene. There should have been blood splatter and spraying All in front of the sink due to the alleged slitting of the throat. Spraying should have hit the mirror, the ceiling and All over the floor. The faucets should have blood in the crevice where the faucet joins with the sink/counter top.
There is just enough blood for someone to take notice.
A victim who is being actively pursued will not be leaning over the sink with his hands almost squarely positioned.

This is not the original crime scene.

This is a deliberately positioned crime scene that took time and calculation to methodically deposit blood and the body for detection. Carried out by no less than two people for the transport of the heavy and muscular body of Travis Alexander and the deposit of him in a small space properly, without leaving any normal DNA trace.

- grout which soaks up stains easily is free of blood residue.
- soap and hair gel containers clean of any residue.
- the little statue on counter top was clear of any residue.
- toothbrush: which easily retains dirt and stains is lacking.


A) - shows entrance of a projectile entering into the upper part of the forehead on the right side of cranium, above brow.

B) - damage to right side of frontal lobe of brain matter, causing a circular

C) - no line from the entrance of the projectile to inside lower cheek- upper jaw
area of molars.

D) - injury to the area of lower cheek, upper jaw- molar area.
This is what is shown on the X-Ray submitted M.E. A bullet is viewed lodged.

The M.E states that a projectile re-entered the left cheek.
- Why did the M.E not provide an X-Ray showing the left side of Cranium and face?

The X-Ray provided by the M.E suggests that either:

A - the projectile entered into the nasal cavity and performed a U-Turn without causing any significant life threatening damage to the victim.
Then lodged itself in the lower right cheek, which is shown only on an X-Ray
of the right side of the cranium and face of victim.

B - that a projectile entered into the victims lower part of the anterolateral forehead, above the brow and mysteriously re-enters the left cheek, with no sign of the path the projectile took through the brain, cranium and into left cheek.

C - the possibility of two projectiles used. (NOT A BULLET).

D - the .25 caliber fired bullet shown in the X-Ray was simply placed in the area for the     X-Ray evidence.

I do not believe that a .25 caliber bullet was shot into the hardest and strongest area of the human cranium, which a .25 caliber is unable to penetrate into.

- this is the area of the head that soccer players use to butt the ball with.
- if this was such a soft area of the cranium, it would not be used for butting a soccer ball with.


- there is no gun powder stippling or gun powder residue found on the corpse.
- this proves that Travis Alexander was not shot by a gun of any type.

As the M.E explains, a .25 caliber gun was shot from a distance of no less than 2.5 feet. If this had been the case, then the bullet would have glanced off the side of Travis Alexander’s skull.


- M.E states on pg. #7 of his report that the cervical spine area is structurally intact.
- The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage is intact.
- No demonstrated hemorrhagic signs.
- Strap and soft tissues of neck are intact.
- The upper airway is traumatized, but intact and patent.

PATENT: Easily recognizable.

The M.E was extremely careful in how this part of the report was worded.

Pictures taken by the Police department, used by the M.E and state, show the body identified as Travis Alexander. Found lying in his shower at his home of residence. The body is positioned at an angle that clearly shows the man’s neck has been broken quite violently. Yet in the M.E report and X-Rays show the contrary.
There is no doubt in my mind, nor that of the 2 other forensic experts consulted with on this case; that the neck of Travis Alexander was indeed broken. As per photo evidence submitted by the M.E and Office of the Prosecutor for the State of Arizona.

The odd bulge shown in M.E photo #29 shows an odd bulge on the posterior side. This is evidence of the neck being broken violently by an inexperienced person(s).

Attempting to fracture a human’s neck is not as easy as portrayed in the media. Pressure would have been placed by a knee on either the side of his head or neck and an additional knee on the shoulder. Because of the size of the victim and his neck, the person(s) breaking the neck of Travis Alexander would of had to of had exceptional upper body and arm strength, with isolated aid to the different half’s of his body for isolation to occur for fracturing of neck, due to his strong muscular neck muscles.
- two people are need for this to occur on victim.


When referring to pages in M.E report. I am referring to the Medical Examiner for the County of Maricopa, Arizona. Dr. Kevin D. Horn. M.D

- page 3 of M.E report states that the cut is minimal
- look at pg. 1 of M.E report.

The M.E states on the report that the neck muscles were not damaged. This is a contradiction of latter evidence photo’s submitted and formal M.E report. He testified to as follows:

1. The upper airway was traumatized, yet intact.
2. Strap muscles, soft tissue muscles in neck are intact.
3. Thyroid intact.

If Travis Alexander had his throat slit, as demonstrated in the latter picture. Then he would not have had any three of these items intact.

Look very closely at the pictures side by side and see how small the actual depth of the wound into his neck is.

Look again very closely and compare the space between the cut and the ear in the left photo and then the right photo. The cut has been enlarged on each side approximately 1.5 inches.

The neck of Travis Alexander was cut by the Medical Examiner with a medical dremel. The neck was then opened and pulled back and the subsequent photos used in the trial against Jodi Arias, exaggerating and falsely portraying the non-fatal wound on the neck.


These two last pieces of evidence was thought over very carefully, discussing them at great length with the other forensic experts.

The following statement is not made lightly.

In fact the seriousness of this piece of the evidence is part of the State of Arizona’s formal evidence they have submitted themselves into the case.

Let us examine this last piece of evidence with careful thought.


Look at picture #32
X-Ray of right side of skull and face.

It appears that two holes have been made post-mortem.

- an instrument has been inserted up into the cranium, into the frontal lobe
of the brain to remove a circular piece of the brain.

- filled in so that it would cover up the deliberate removal of brain matter.

This was performed to alter the remains of Travis Alexander so that it would show that a projectile had entered into the cranium.

The hole alleged by the M.E in fact is not caused by a projectile, but made post mortem by either a medical instrument or a stiletto.

If indeed Mr. Alexander had been shot by a projectile, he would have been killed.
Even with such an alleged wound, the rate of decomposition alleged by the M.E does not fit with the early photos provided by the M.E office.

Post mortem face of Travis Alexander

Finally I leave you with Picture #33.

Upon re-examining the evidence, this last piece has come to attention.

Pay close attention to the areas A, B and C.

A    Alleged Bullet Hole:

- NO
- this has been exacted by either a medical instrument or   stiletto.

B   Hole under right eyebrow:
- covered up by mortician’s putty

C  Hole in upper left hand corner of eye, Para mid-line right of   nose.
- this has been covered up with a small piece of foil.

These two small holes have been created for the express purpose of creating a hole within the brain to remove the small amount of brain matter in the alleged area where the projectile entered. Because a projectile did not enter into the cranium, above the right eyebrow of Travis Alexander. This was created to make appear that an independent free flowing projectile had.

I challenge any other professional in the field of Forensic Pathology to examine these findings. I welcome your input, even if to the contrary.

Pictures Below #23, 21-33


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The Destruction of Free Thought

The Destruction of Free Thought

I believe with my whole heart and my deductive mind, that the level of gross deliberate ignorance of the masses we are witnessing in the case of Jodi Arias is only the beginning of a mindset, sweeping across the entire globe like a plague that devours humanities ability to want to think for themselves & follow “en masse” towards the cliff edge. Paying not attention to the demise looming directly in front of them.

As the first group of them plummet over the edge, those in the rear keep yelling to move foreword.
Swept up in the momentum of a tumultuous sea of humanities ignorance. The strong under toe sweeps underneath the weak and easily influenced towards their impending doom.
As the last of them are swept over the edge, plunging to their deaths in ignorance and alleged bliss.

Those who had the strength, the Will and the fortitude to stop and take notice of the waters & chose to take the high ground on a firm mountain of solid rock, unmovable yet high enough to provide a vantage point to a 360 degree view

When the tide turns and ignorance returns, the mountain is always there, remaining staid in its purpose.

© Miss Pajama Girl 2014

Part 3 Travis Alexander Autopsy Profile. WARNING GRAPHIC FORENSIC CONTENT




Photo # 9

  • A long strip of laceration located on the Posterior right side or body under the right arm, travelling downwards approximately 6 inches in length and 3 inches across.
  • The medical examiner on record made no note of this injury.

 Picture # 9

Possible reasons for injury

  • This could be an injury due to dragging of the body. However for this to occur, there should be more drag marks on the body that would be in keeping with this injury in photo # 9.
  • Another possibility is that the skin may have been removed in a flaying method.  Example:  skinning a rabbit.
  • It is my belief that this injury has not resulted in the body of the victim being dragged, but a deliberate removal of the primary, secondary and tertiary layers of the           Simple Squamous Epithelium.

Photo # 10

  • Again the medical examiner fails to make note of this specific injury.
  • Pay attention to the area I have highlighted.
  • There is a bulging at the back of the neck. The posterior neck paramidline, running vertically along the spine in areas, C #3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • This bulging in the neck and is NOT resulted from the anterior (front) ofthe neck, when it was sliced open.
  • The bulging of the neck in the posterior region is the result of a fracture to the area itself.
  • The fracture in this area could have either been premortem or post-mortem.

Picture # 10

  • Again the medical examiner fails to make note of this additional sharp force trauma in this exact same area I have highlighted.
  • A gaping slice by a sharp force object into the posterior neck, paramidline, running vertically along the spine in the areas of: C 3,4,5 & 6.
  • This sharp force trauma appears to have been made post-mortem. (no bleeding)

Photo # 11

  • Again the medical examiner fails to make note of this additional blunt force trauma on the proximal inferior relation to the right ear.

Picture # 11

  • Coloration of Bruising
  • This bruise extends from under the ear up into the posterior back of the head into the hairline.
  • The coloration of blue turning to green with an underlying yellowish tinting suggests that the trauma to this area which has caused the bruising, took place while the victim was still alive and had lived for a full three days.
  • It appears that this bruising was a direct result of a trauma caused by a blunt force object.

Photo # 12

  • This is a very peculiar wound
  • The medical examiner describes this wound as incised and roughly triangular or star shaped, of the right and left portions of the calvarium.
  • Pay attention to the gross swelling around the area directly associated with this wound.
  • The victim would have to of been alive for this wound to attain swelling and infection, such as it has.
  • The evidence suggests directly through this picture of the above-mentioned wound, that the victim would have to been alive for a full three days to attain swelling to this degree.

Picture # 12 

Wound Matches Historical Evidentiary Links to Ritualistic Killings within the Masonic Orders

The triangular/pyramid or star shaped wound  inflicted upon the upper posterior side of the skull, is a ritualistic mark placed on a person who has betrayed the deepest, darkest and secret of secret teachings of the Masonic order.

This mark was inflicted upon the first prophet and president, Joseph Smith. Of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, the Mormons.  (post-mortem)

It is referred to as:

The knock of the head, thy  sacred head now wounded and marked”

This market is left on the post mortem body of the cursed betrayer of the order.

  • According to the medical examiner’s report, this was a sharp force object wound, not caused by a projectile exiting the posterior of the calvarium. (skull)
  • This type of blunt force object that would create the pattern found on the posterior left side of the cavalarium would be a medieval type weapon that the Masonic order used in days of old.
  • It would be similar to that of a MorningStar, yet it would have only the pattern of a pyramid / triangle. This would be seen in a three-dimensional view, when looking at the object, the pyramid / triangle would be represented on four sides.
  • Depending on the way this weapon is used, it can leave a pattern of one singular pyramid /triangle or a double, with a slight tilting of the angle with the weapon.

Tetrahedron  pattern.

Discussion of Gunshot Wound using a 25 Caliber Gun

  • According to the medical examiner’s report, Travis Alexander was shot with a 25 caliber gun.



DECEDENT: Travis Victor Alexander DATE OF EXAMINATION: 06/12/2008


Detective Esteban Flores #10477 Detective Lisa Barientos #9221

CASE: 08-03532 TIME: 0930 Hours

Sharp force injuries, multiple.

  1. Stab and incised wounds of head, neck, and torso, multiple, with penetration and hemorrhagic Injury of superior vena cave near cardiac base,
  2. Deeply incised wound of upper neck, with transection of airway and right jugular vein  carotid artery.

C,      Multiple Incised wounds of hands.

I!.       Gunshot wound of head, without exit.

  1. Gunshot wound of entrance, right forehead, indeterminate range.
  2. Perforation of inferior skull base, anterior fossa, and facial skeleton,


CAUSE OF DEATH: Sharp force trauma of neck and lorso MANNER: Homicide


There is a 1/8 Inch circular gunshot wound of entrance over the anterolateral lower right forehead, above the eyebrow, The wound is located 3 inches inferior to the crown of the head and 1 1/2  inches to the right of the midline forehead. There is a 1/8 inch wide equal rim of marginal abrasion surrounding the wound. No soot, gunpowder stippling, or intact gunpowder particles surround the wound.

The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and traverses the right anterior fosse, without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral Injury (although examination of brain tissue is somewhat limited by the decomposed nature of the remains). The projectile re-enters the facial skeleton near the midline and the Wound track terminates in the left cheek.

Palpation and incision of the left cheek reveals the presence of a deformed apparent small caliber projectile, which is located 6 inches Inferior to the crown of the head and 4 1/2 inches to the left of the anterior facial midline. The projectile is recovered, photographed, and retained as evidence.

There is no gunshot wound of exit.


  1. No gunshot wound of exit.
  2. Small caliber deformed projectile recovered from left cheek.
  3. Wound track trajectory: right to left and downwards.

My Analysis of Gun Shot by a .25 Caliber Gun and Cartridge

  • The observation by the medical examiner records that:

No soot, gunpowder stippling, or intact gunpowder particles surround the wound.

  • This is a very important fact observed by the medical examiner and entered into part of evidence for the County of Maricopa.
  • When using a .25 caliber gun and cartridge. For the projectile to enter successfully into the Anterior Anterolateral Calvarium, the muzzle of the gun pistol must be placed as close as possible to the surface, thus enabling the cartridge to enter successfully.
  • When this procedure is not followed to the letter exactly,  it is 100% impossible to penetrate successfully into the Calvarium.
  • The reason for this is that a .25 caliber gun and cartridge is unable to attain the necessary velocity for successful penetration of the Calvarium.
  • Another factor affecting the durability and strength of the cartridge, will be the materials of that which it is comprised of.
  • The medical examiner observed in his autopsy of Travis Alexander, that there was no soot, gunpowder, stippling, or intact gun power particles surrounding the entrance wound.

No .25 caliber gun was used to shoot an Alleged 25 caliber cartridge into the Anterior Anterolateral Calvarium of Travis Alexander

  • The lack of Stippling or Gun power is direct evidence counter to what the medical examiner and the office of the Prosecutor, in the County of Maricopa ,Arizona are alleging as the cause for the small hole and path of a small projectile that entered into the Anterior Anterolateral Calvarium of Travis Alexander.


What happens when a .25 caliber gun and .25 caliber cartridge is discharged in the direction of the human face in the Anterior Anterolateral Calvarium?

  • To explain this in the simplest terms. When a .25 caliber gun and a .25 caliber cartridge is discharged towards the head of the human and comes in contact with these areas:
    • The face from approximately the eyebrows up to the top of the head.
    • The side of the head from the outer part of the cheek to the back of the head.
    • To the back of the head from the lower part of the skull near the neck.


The base of the skull, in the great wings of the sphenoid bone, medial to the foramen ovale, a small aperture, thesphenoidal emissary foramen, may occasionally be seen (it is often absent) opposite the root of the pterygoid process. When present, it opens below near the scaphoid fossaVesalius was the first to describe and illustrate this foramen, and it thus sometimes bears the name of foramen Vesalii (meaning foramen of Vesalius). Other names include foramen venosum and canaliculus sphenoidalis.

Definition Courtesy of Wikipedia.

  • Due to the thickness and composite material of the cranium. A 25 caliber gun with a 25 caliber cartridge would not only fail to penetrate the skull.
  • A .25 caliber gun with a 25 caliber cartridge would simply glanced off the skull, never penetrating the Calvarium.

Photo # 13

In Part 2,  I addressed in photos #1,2 & 3. Injuries to the left-hand. I will now address injuries to the right-hand.

  • Observed the same bruising pattern as on the left-hand, is also on the right-hand.
  • This corresponds with my theory that Travis Alexander’s hands were bound in a prayer/supplication pose, from a hanging position.
  • Take notice that there are no defensive wounds on the right-hand. I find this to be very peculiar that only one hand has, with what the Medical Examiner’s Office has gone on record to say that the few cuts on the left-hand were the only defensive wounds.
  • Travis Alexander was right-hand dominant. Ergo It should have been his right hand, instead of his left-hand to sustain the majority of the defensive wounds.
  • There are no cuts of any sort on the right hand of Travis Alexander!
  • If, hypothetically a person is being attacked by an assailant with a knife or sharp object. Typically the very natural response for an untrained individual, not familiar with close contact combat with knives or sharp objects. They will use both hands, bringing up the arms in front of their face and neck, in an attempt to protect themselves.
  • If an attacker continues to assail a person, striking out at various areas of the body. The victim will have their hands and arms waving frantically everywhere in front of them, in an attempt to forestall and protect themselves from injury.
  • In such an attack as it is alleged by the office of the Prosecutor, for the County of Maricopa, Arizona: Travis Alexander was allegedly attacked viciously with a knife and as he attempted to protect himself and disarm the alleged attacker Jodi areas. He sustained defensive wounds on his left-hand.
  • If in fact Travis Alexander had been attacked the way the office of the Prosecutor is alleging he was. Then Travis Alexander would have sustained multiple defensive wounds on both hands, bilaterally, (on the outside of his hands and the inside of his hands).
  • Travis Alexander would have also sustained bilateral defensive wounds on the inside and outside of his arms from the elbows down, bilaterally.

Picture #13

There are no such wounds recorded that match an attack by a sharp force object, and an attempt to deflect, protect and grab at the offending weapon.

  • In fact the medical examiner states and has enter photos into evidence in this case, that the only alleged defence wounds Travis Alexander had sustained, was on his left hand, inside Palm and heel of hand and thumb.




The following blunt force injuries are observed:

Examination of the hands reveals several sharp tome injuries:

  • A 1/4 inch incised wound of the palmar distal pad of the right thumb, with incision and loss of the lateral portion of the right thumbnail,
  • A deep 1 1/2 Inch incised wound across the left thenar eminence (palmer, with extension onto the dorsal left hand), with deep penetration and partial severing of the musculature and tendons of the thumb base,
  • A I 3/4 inch incised wound of the palmer webbing between the left thumb and index finger, with an adjacent separate’/ Inch linear incised wound
  • A 1 inch incised wound across the dorsal surface of the distal inter-phalangeal joint of the left thumb,
  • A 1/4 inch abrasion of the proximal vojar right forearm
  • Two (2) blue-purple contusions of the right lower leg and knee
  • Two (2) abraded lacerations of the Idwer lateral left heel and ankle
  • A 2 inch blue-purple contusion of the medial malleolus of the left ankle.

Courtesy of the Maricopa County, Office the Medical Examiner

Photo # 14

  • Notice again there are no defensive wounds
  • In the highlighted area take notice that the hand is noticeably swollen.
  • It is my belief that Travis Alexander injured his hand while attempting to defend himself.
  • This is an injury indicating evidence that the victim was using his right fist to make several closed hand punches.

Picture # 14

Photo # 15

  • Pay attention to the marks on the inside of the Palm where highlighted.
  • When making a fist to use in a punch, on the inside of the hand marks would be left when contact is made by the fingernails. (even when short). Without protective gear.
  • Travis Alexander attempted to defend himself by using his right hand, clenching it into a fist.
  • Zachary Billing, roommate of Travis Alexander stated to police that:

“ Travis was in good shape and was into kickboxing”.

Picture # 15

Whomever Travis Alexander punched with his right fist, would’ve been sporting some nasty bruises and injuries from Travis, who was into kickboxing.

  • And injuries such as this sustained by Travis Alexander on his right hand, is not just from one single punch but from several, strong and hard contact punches.


If Jodi Arias had been Travis Alexander’s attacker. Do you not think that she wouldn’t have looked quite the worse for wear?


  • When police interviewed Jodi Arias, she showed no physical signs whatsoever that she had been involved in any type of scuffle or attack.
  • In fact, when Jodi was called in, read her Miranda rights. During that interview she was asked to show her hands for any injuries.
  • Jodi areas did not have one single injury that matched the supposition made by the County of Maricopa, Arizona the Office of the Prosecutor.
  • The alleged bloody palm print that has been submitted into evidence that is supposedly belonging to Jodi Arias. Not only does that palm print, with the slash across the Palm not match what the detective witnessed in Jodi’s second meeting with him. (The lack of any injury to neither of her palms nor hands).
  • The official bilateral Palm prints record of Jodi Arias, by the police upon her charging and booking, also do not show any evidence of any slashes or cuts. Neither do they match the slash of the bloody palm print found in the hallway of the whole of Travis Alexander.

See U-Tube Video of Jodi Arias second meeting with Police. (shows hands to detective)


Photo # 16               Sink at house of Travis Alexander

  • In the highlighted area, take notice of the left and right bloody palm prints on the sink area.
  • They are placed in a natural and relaxed position, almost squarely on either side of the sink basin.
  • This is not a posture that would be used when an individual is being actively pursued by an attacker.
  • This is not a posture that would be used when an individual is being physically attacked at that very moment.

Picture # 16

The Posture that would be used if either being actively pursued by an attacker or in the midst of being physically attacked at that moment:

  • Depending upon which hand the individual would be dominant in.
  • The dominant hand would the higher up on a flat surface by approximately 1  1/2 feet.
  • The submissive hand would be most likely clutching the outer edge/lip of the bottom of the countertop.
  • Both hands would be at approximately at a 90° angle from one another.


Photo # 17               Blood on Wall splotch

  • For this splotch on the wall to occur, there should be a corresponding drip pattern found running down the wall and on the baseboards and floor. The grouting between the tiles would retain the necessary proteins from the blood to show up through the use of luminal in crime scene identification.
  • In this photo it simply appears that someone has deliberately applied Travis Alexander’s blood to the side of the wall, using a fabric of some sort, not a sponge. (Perhaps his own clothing that was removed.)

Photo # 17

Photo # 18               Blood drips running down the Wall

  • In this photo a pattern of little droplets of blood running down the walls to the floorboards is shown.
  • There should be a large smearing splotch of blood above these little droplets running down the wall.
  • Again the blood pattern in this photo makes no sense at all. It simply looks like someone used a Turkey  baster and deposited the blood along the wall in a very poor mimic a proper blood splatter.

Photo # 18

Now if you were to combine the blood splatter patterns in photo # 17 and # 18, that might, and I use the word might very strongly. It might have very poorly passed for a blood splatter pattern more logically to occur. However even if one was to combine the blood spot and splatter patterns of the two pictures, the evidence is severely and pathetically lacking.


Lastly, in closing I leave you with these last three photos I have carefully chosen to wrap up

Part 3 of my Forensic Pathological Analysis in the murder of Travis Alexander.

Photo # 19               Travis Alexander Full Face View

We see here a picture of Travis Alexander in a shower.  I referred to it as a shower and not his shower because Travis Alexander was abducted, and taken to another location that was secure from any interruptions that his abductors, torturers and murderers could use to their full advantage for those days they spent inflicting horrific pain and suffering upon Travis, who they believed with every fiber of their being, deserved the ritualistic torture and death they would exact upon him.  For his betrayal against the very core belief system and lifestyle they were secretly keeping as part of the subculture cult that has existed within the Mormon Church from its very establishment.

Photo # 19

Travis looks full view into the camera lens while water is ritualistically pouring down upon him, in his last moments before the torture and his eventual murder, many days after.

Water, such an old representation used to purify the sinner.


Photo # 20               Travis Alexander: Right side of face showing.

Photo # 20

What thoughts ran through Travis Alexander’s mind as he stood in that shower, constructed to appear for all purposes like his own shower and bathroom in his own home, so far away from him at that moment.

In Travis’s right eye we see a young man who had so much potential, a promising and successful career ahead of him. He had already demonstrated his natural ability for success with the company Pre-Paid Legal that Chris Hughes, His alleged good friend had introduced him to.

What do YOU see when looking into Travis Alexander’s right eye?

I see a young man who has been betrayed by those whom he placed such high trust in.

I see sorrow, I see regret, I see pain, I see fear……. I see shock.


“How could you be doing this to me”?

“Why did I even trust you”?

“Were you ever really my friends”?

“When did I cease to be of use to you”?


Photo # 21             Travis Alexander: Left side of face showing.

Photo # 21

Travis knows what’s coming. He knows what horrid things they’re going to do him. This was not what he planned for and this was certainly not how he thought his life would come to its final end.

Travis Alexander would’ve never agreed to have such pictures taken of him, in all his nudity, in a small confined space and with water pouring down on him. No…. ……….This was nonconsensual. This would’ve been easier to handle if it had been some sort of sexual fantasy, with a willing female partner. But there weren’t any women here, there were only his brothers……… ..In God.

In Travis’s left eye we see Anger, Fury, Righteous indignation, and the hard truth hitting him. This is what happens to those who go against the grain. This is what happens to those who betray the sacred trust of the brotherhood. This is what happens when you succeed your master and better him in success.


“You were the one who approached ME”!

“You were the ones who welcomed me with open arms”.

“You were the ones who called me brother”.

“You were the ones who introduced me to this lifestyle, to this belief and to this way of life”.

“You were the ones who brought me into your inner circle”.

“You were the ones who welcomed me into the fold, as your brother”.

“You were the ones who taught me the secrets and knowledge”.

“You were the ones who promised me greatness”.

“You ARE the ones who have Betrayed”.


©  Miss Pajama Girl 2014