CLUE #1 Murder of Travis Alexander

CLUE #1 Murder of Travis Alexander

Why is it that the Office of the Medical Examiner, in Maricopa County, Arizona…delay performing the autopsy on Travis Alexander for a week? Instead, they placed Travis Alexander in a medical refrigerated storage unit.

Why? You should be asking yourselves this very question.


* Compare pictures taken of the deceased Travis Alexander by Police after the reporting of
the discovery of his body.

- pay attention to the colour of his skin – pinkish.
- pay attention to the texture of his skin.
- pay close attention to the rate of decomposition of skin and muscle tissue – very little.

* Compare pictures taken of Travis Alexander at the Office of the Medical Examiner,
County of Maricopa, Arizona.

- notice the colour of his skin – grey.
- notice the texture of his skin.
- notice the very apparent advanced rate of decomposition, typically seen when a dead
body is stored in a medical refrigerated unit, for more than 5 days.

Ask yourselves WHY?

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I have created a team of experts and have individuals with sub-area specialties to examine ALL area’s of the
Murder of Travis Alexander.
The Total and complete exoneration through solid fact based evidence proving that Jodi Arias had no involvement in the kidnapping, torture and murder of Travis Alexander.
Through the investigation, examination of ALL facts, persons and leads. The murder of Travis Alexander shall be solved.
Bringing to Justice the real Murderers of Travis Alexander.



In Life we have countless experiences, encounter a multitude of situations and all types of people.

We are All a part of humanity.

Each individual person has their own personal ideas and their interpretation of those ideas.
We are the sum of our life’s experiences.

As Jesus said, to fully understand what it is like to be another person, we must walk a mile in their sandals.

We all know this to be impossible and that is the major part of the message given. We might try to understand what another person experiences, however try as we will it cannot be done.

The world has always had its degrees of violence, jealousy, cruelty and pettiness.
With that being said; we live in a time of our world where humanity is connected to each other spanning across the globe with the ease made possible by Multimedia in the Internet.
Should it not be that since in the past, we as humans suffered from ignorance and understanding of other cultures, people’s, religions, lifestyles and education about sickness, disease and suffering. That we should be able to gain insight and a better understanding of each other.

Logically one would assume that with the global community connected so easily that the walls of prejudice, stereotyping and a lack of knowledge on issues that affect humanity and with this, one would assume that humanity would become more learned, understanding and compassionate to each other, when the claim of not knowing what was going on cannot be used because that ignorance no longer exists.

However, there is a new type of ignorance, one of purposeful intent.
The rate of aggressive behaviour towards a total and complete stranger simply because they do not share your opinion is increasing at an alarming rate. What motivates individuals to attack those whom they disagree with? This is not simplly a respectful discussion of people debating issues civilly. These behaviours are full of malice, cruelty mixed with a sadidistic leaning towards the obsessive.

To purposely attack a person or group simply because theirs do not coincide with yours is unacceptable!

If society does not proactively work towards the abolishment of such abusive thinking and behaviour, society will find itself pulled apart from within, degraded to the point of a tribal like warfare connected with countless cell groups who’ve unified under the guise of self appointed vigilantism, feeling justified to ratify not only the thinking of those who hold viewpoints counter to theirs, but also the organised destruction of the lives those people live. This may or may not include the ultimate radical ending of physical death, but it does enter into the realm of destroying the lives those people lead, alienating them from the social system itself.

Society is currently in a very pivotal point in its social evolution. We are seeing first hand the example that Emile Durkheim gave of, “Survival of the Fittest”. Now he was referring to the animal kingdoms, not the “human animal”. Several groups are defining themselves.

1. Aggressive Modivators
2. Aggressive Enforcers
3. Aggressive Maintainers

4. Passive Motivators
5. Passive Maintainers

Group (B) has no enforcers because they do not approach their debating of their views with aggression.

6. Aggressive Retaliators – members of Group (A)
7. Overly Aggressive Retaliators. – members of Group (B)

In Group (C), #6 & 7 are end result of this pattern.

#6 is acting out because they have not gained the control over others they had intended and so they retaliate in frustration, resorting to intimidation techniques, subterfuge and anything they can use that will accomplish their goals of either swaying the thinking of those who think contrary to them or destroying their spirit, break their morale until they simply fade away into the background, not to be heard or seen of again.

#7 is retaliating out of sheer desperation and frustration, having been pushed to their limit of just how much they could take, until they could take no more and move into the range of violence and unpredictable disorganised behaviour. The aggressors, Group (A), who have worked so hard at degragrading, humiliating, and alienating a person or group of people, now have to face open revolution. Group (B) Coming swiftly, violently and without mercy. Why would mercy be given when their aggressors not once showed any to them.

Historic examples relating to this are:

- The rising up of the people of India during the Victorian Era and the slaughter of every
man, woman and child.
- Slave Insurrections during the French Revolution. (Islands)
- French Revolution.
- Russian Revolution.
- American Civil War
- Lybia’s revolution & the overthrowing of Muammar Gaddafi.
- Egypt’s ongoing revolution.
- Syria’s ongoing revolution.

Smaller examples:

- Columbine, Colorado shooting.
- Aurora, Colorado shooting in a movie theatre.
- Blackville, South Caroline
- Craighead County, Arkansas
- Santee, California

These are but a few examples.

In closing I leave you with this. There is no excuse for bullying, using acts of intimidation against a person or group. Humanity should be using the gift of technology to reach out to other people’s across the globe and learn about other ways of life, respect the opinions of others. Have we not seen the mistakes made in the past by great and powerful nations, come into a new land / territory and force their religion and views upon people simply because they had the power to intimidate and make threats of what they would do if the peoples did not acquiesce and back up those threats with actions.

Will or can humanity ever change? Or do they simply enjoy the power of degrading another to simply esteem themselves with an illogical sense of greater self-worth than those they do not agree with?

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Due to the high volume of questions by Jodi Arias supporters, that have been sent my way regarding this case.

I am considering creating a discussion forum for, Jodi Arias Supporters, who can gather together, review the Forensic Analysis provided by myself, Miss Pajama Girl & Associates.

The discussion forum would have the following set up.
- Main moderators
- Prior approval to join the discussion forum. (We all know how many haters of Jodi there are).
- Different topics for discussion.
- Suggestions for topics welcomed.
- Sub-Area Moderators to be present & active in discussions.
* These positions are open for volunteering, upon my own personal approval.

Special Guest Appearances by my Associates on specific discussions

Please let me know if this interests you.

Miss Pajama Girl

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